October 4, 2016

One Sheet Wonder with Cricut

Have you heard of One Sheet Wonder (or OSW) cards? They're these great way to use one piece of patterned paper (usually double sided) and create many cards/layouts/projects etc.
So far, every one I've found uses a "cutting guide" to tell you exactly how to cut apart your paper in various sizes and shapes (most often rectangles, squares and triangles) and then how you adhere those pieces to the front of your blank cards (and maybe add some stamping and embellishments) to create a lot of beautiful cards with only one sheet of paper.

For me, cutting all those little squares and strips and rectangles is really boring and I want to get right to the fun part of creating and decorating. You want to know another little secrete? Paper trimmers are not my friends. No mater how hard I try to make sure its lined up and on the correct measurement, I still manage to cut it crooked! Maybe it just me?

My solution, I use my Cricut for AS MUCH as I possibly can when designing projects. It does all the work for me! I just load my paper onto the mat and send it to cut and then all those little pieces are right there waiting on me to make something pretty (and correctly sized, might I add). 

That is why I designed this one sheet wonder cut file.This cut file makes these 10 cards:

It takes just one 12"x12" sheet of B&T paper (and don't forget to save your zip strip too, those are bonus pretties). It uses all the paper with very little waste AND it DOES NOT require a cartridge! All you need is the Cricut Design Space program for your Cricut Explore (sorry this is for DS users only).
And because I designed it for myself, I didn't just use squares and rectangles and other straight edge shapes, I mean this is the Cricut so there's way more capabilities than those mean ol' trimmers that only cut straight lines. Here's 5 more cards using the same cut file:

Of course I want to share this cut file with you, so all of my newsletter subscribers will get the file emailed to them, along with how I chose to use it to assemble my cards shown here (but of course you can mix it up and make your own card designs too). Every time you use a different pattern paper you make a whole other set of cards! Here's a few examples of that:
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