July 26, 2016

Workshop Essentials

I've been to a few crafty workshops and I've hosted many, one question I hear a lot is "what should I bring?"
Attending a workshop isn't the same as an all day crop or weekend retreat. You really shouldn't need to bring much with you, just the essential tools. Most of the time pretty much everything is provided as part of the workshop cost, especially if its a pre-cut kit.
So what do I consider the essentials?

Consumable items like adhesives, products that you prefer to use that won't be part of the kit (ex. you like to ink or distress all of your edges bring your own mini ink pad), small portable tools that would be time consuming to share - like scissors and stamp blocks.You'll also want to bring a pencil so you can jot down notes or maybe marking measurements.
This is the list I give to attendees of the workshops I host:

  • Adhesive tape runner Z3022
  • Paper trimmer Z1783  (while not always necessary if the kits are pre-cut, an essential tool to own) 
  • Micro tip scissors Z1836 these are the non-stick ones that are super awesome, just sayin'
  • Bonding memories glue pen Z5552 and broad 1512
  • Spritz cleaner 1778 and Stamp scrubber Z1782 - to keep your stamps looking and working great
  • My Acrylix blocks Y1501 (the starter set of commonly used sizes) Y1002 also a common size
  • Pencil 
  • Liquid Glass Z679 - not always essential but a great product to have on hand
  • 3D Foam tape Z1151 for when you want to add some extra dimension to your projects
All of these items can fit into a small tote or craft organizer. Again, you're not going to an all day crop you don't need every product you own and the kitchen sink :)
If there is any specialty tool or item that doesn't fall under the "essential tool list" you will be advised ahead of time to bring it too. 

I like to keep all of my essentials together in my tote/organizer and then when its time to craft, I just grab it and go.