April 3, 2016

Kaleidoscope Birthday Card

Do you ever go to your craft space with no particular plans in mind? You just know you want to use a certain product or stamp. That's how this card came to be.
I have a couple packages of the chevron sparkles that I bought because (a) they're sparkly and (b) they're on clearance. So they became the inspiration for this card. I used the kaleidoscope papers because I liked the geometric lines of the patterns with the chevron shapes of the sparkles. To further tie the colors together, I used pink shimmer trim (you can never have too much sparkle on a birthday card). 
•X7202B Kaleidoscope Paper Packet
•Z1968 Pink Shimmer Trim
•B1419 Joyful Birthday stamp set
•Z1909 Chevron Sparkle Shapes (on clearance while supplies last)
•Z2197 Pear Ink
•Z2644 Pixie Ink