June 8, 2014

What's on my desk...

Good afternoon, another busy weekend here. Who am I kidding, everyday seems quite busy anymore. So much for "summer break". My kids still have plenty to do in place of going to school and that means my husband and I have plenty to do as well. But here on Sunday, we do have a lull in activity which means I've snuck off to my studio for a little bit of crafting (until someone decides it's time to eat again).

I'm sharing an unfinished project that is sitting on my workspace. I can't quite seem to make myself move forward on this project. I'm afraid to commit on embellishments to place on this 8"x10" canvas that I started.
I created the background with some fabulous Faber-Castell Gelatos in colors that should be described as delicious - Watermelon pink, Snow Cone teal, and Margarita Mix lime (all Gelato color names are food related, which is how I relate to colors too!)
The stars border is a paper punch and I sprayed over the entire canvas in Dark Denim mist  (which is basically black ;) )  that I was able to wipe off of my colored stars for a chalky look.
Speaking of chalky, I lettered the words "REACH FOR THE STARS" first with a pencil and then permanently with my Faber-Castell PITT artist pen in white 101. This in my opinion, is the BEST opaque white pen for dark surfaces.

So now I sit staring at this canvas wondering what I will do next. You'll know as soon as I know, and I guess you'll have to visit our Facebook Page for the end results, which is where I'll be posting the final pictures.