July 8, 2013

Reaching My Art Goals With Heidi



Do you set art goals for yourself? I usually don't actually but I did for the Summer. I am a Dean in a school in New York City and we are officially on Summer break. I tend to jump from art project to art project which works for me. I don't like to be locked in with my creativity and tend to grab whatever I feel like working on. My creative muse works that way and when I try to steer her differently my art suffers.

So, I did set a goal for this summer. I plan to scrapbook all of my pics from 2013 which actually isn't a ton. I tend to take most of my pictures during the summer months because I have time to explore NYC and visit my family in PA. These pages are from March and are a perfectly simple Sunday of enjoying this amazing city with my love. I grabbed a ton of stuff from my stash and mixed those goodies with new Prima from Your Memories Here.