April 29, 2012

Sweet Retreat Photos

Afternoon everyone,

We are officially home from the retreat...well I am lol.  It was a wonderful event and Kristina and Cari truly did an amazing job...*Kevin did too*   We had lots of laughs and lots of chocolate and who could forget the oodles of Prima goodies!!!   Cari & Sharon truly outdid themselves on the kits they gave us for the classes. Product overload and everything was amazing!!!   Cari was a blast as she taught us...I swear that woman cracked the whip..no bathroom breaks or anything LOL!!!... Love ya Cari ;)

Here are the make and takes from Friday night.  They were fun to make and got us all a little warmed up for Saturdays 3 classes!

This is the clutch we made using a canvas album page.  I even asked Cari to teach me how to mist effectively as we all know I struggle with that one.

Next was the headband. I LOVE that trim...may have to get me some more of that! 

Last but not least was the cuff.  It doesnt fit around my wrist but it sits happily on my shelf now.

Our first class was a mini album and I have not shown it as we didnt get it finished so I am hoping to have it done next weekend.
The second class was 2 layouts using the Almanac collection.  A truly stunning collection and by far my favourite!!!  I used a photo of my oldest daughter Bek from the fall for this layout. A very special thank you goes to Kristina and the amazingly wonderful Cris for helping me with this layout as I came down with a migraine about 20 minutes into the class....so they helped with alot of the technical folding etc as my head was pounding while I waited for medications to kick in.

Second layout I used a photo of my youngest daughter Jess from a few years ago.

Our evening class consisted of a canvas apron, lots of water and Golden paints.  It was a BLAST!  I love the end result of my apron and everyones was very different.  They truly reflected personalities.

The weekend was wonderful...I laughed lots (we all did!) and I made friends with some amazing women....I truly recommend the next one to everyone!!!