March 24, 2012

We're Moving!

...Our stock room that is. Because it is so much easier to change locations without having to move a ton of product too we're offering an incredible, never been done before (by us) deal!
If you love Prima flowers this is your lucky day!
Pictured above is over $150 worth of Prima products. We have an array of items left over from Live with Prima kits, as well as new released products from  the past Summer CHA.  There are even discontinued items that you can not find any where any more! We have found things that we simply forgot we had!
And to save us the trouble of moving it all to our new stock room we are going to sell it off in a bulk grab bag for only $75! Your box of goodies may not look exactly like the one pictured here, but it will be just as awesome!
We hope to sell out of these quickly - so hurry up and get yours!
****Updated to add that we are now offering these grab bags in 3 sizes/prices $75, $50 and $25