March 18, 2012

STOP the World...

I want to get off preferrably at an exotic island location!!  Please??  LOL

Well it is Sunday evening yet again and I have not even attempted to craft this week...though I have a perfectly good and wonderful reason.  For those who dont know, we have been finishing our basement over the last 3 weeks.  It has been an all consuming process for both my husband and I.  We both work 50 hours a week plus all the time we have put into the basement getting it all ready.  We have framed, drywalled, sanded, painted and stained more then I thought humanly possible but we are seeing the end.  They come to lay the carpet on Tuesday and then it will all be *almost* done!
 So because I dont have crafty goodies to share, I am going to share my brand spanking new craft studio with you.  Everything has been done at my request which makes it even nicer I think.   I chose kitchen cabinets as they are deeper and generally have shelving as well as being able to support 10' long counter tops. The first photo is the view from the staircase, this was as the cabinets were put into place and before they were painted...yes I painted oak cabinets (I think my husband was horrified!)
 The next shot is from the base of the stairs looking towards the counter where my computer will live.

This is how the cabinets now look with a coat of paint...looking closely you an see the woodgrain pulling through the paint.

This cabinet will have a sink put in it once the plumbing gets completed so I will have somewhere to clean up all my paints and brushes :)

  This week I also received happy mail from Kristina...I bought the clearance grab bags of Prima I filled a draw...(well 2 actually but shhhh dont tell hubby!)

Today has seen me starting to relocate my craft supplies to the new is a very long tedious process and one I am not liking very much at all LOL! This week will see the arrival of my new bar stools and then I can start creating downstairs.  I can hardly wait for that!

Keep an eye peeled next Sunday for the project I have up my is something I have had swirling in my mind for a while...until then have a fabulous week!