February 26, 2012

Good Afternoon blogland!

I know I have been absent for a couple of weeks but it has been with good cause.  Last week I was in bed with a 3 day long migraine from hell...I could not muster the energy to drag myself to the craft room and sit under the blinding lights...so I do apologize for that.
This week I was all excited to create something for my brand new craft studio.  We have been busy finishing the basement and as little piece get done I am making the design choices for colours for my side of the basement. Rich warm colours, new cabinets and counter tops..track lighting..omgosh I can not wait!!  So I made myself a little project to hang in my space to help keep a few things organized..(who am I trying to kid?!?!) 

I had this bare wood mail tray in my stash, so I started by painting it a warm white and the rest sort of took shape from there.  I wanted warm burgundies,blacks and pinks for this project as the colourings of the basement will be burgundy and coffee...so this will fit nicely. I used some delicious Prima papers from their Moulin Rouge line. Actually everything on this project except the paint is Prima, and if you ask Kristina ever so nicely she can order it in specially for you :)   I cut the paper to fit the front and side of the 'buckets' and inked the edges using Distress Inks in Tattered Rose and Vintage Photo. I adhered everything using Helmar Decoupage Glue (I use this glue for everything that needs stuck down...as well as my trusty Dremel Hot Glue gun lol)

I rifled through my stash to get some Prima trim for the edging and stuck it down using my hot glue gun. Once it was all securely in place I moved on to cutting up the gorgeous Prima Crystal trims.  I then dug out some older Prima alphas and stuck them to the front of each bucket and grabbed the trusty hot glue gun once more to adhere some Prima Trim around the lip of each bucket to soften it a little more. I added a few Prima blooms to break the cream between the buckets as well as a couple of the frosted birds to each bucket. The overall effect is everything I wanted it to be and more...and now I need to hurry hubby up so we can finish the basement so I can put all my projects in their new home :)

For now that is all for me this week...Have a fabulous week and I will see you all next Sunday