November 1, 2011

Comfort Craft Tools

I'm interrupting your creative inspiration with a public service announcement (he he he)
For those of you who watch the Live with Prima Ustream classes - you have already seen these tools in action.
For the rest of you that haven't - first I have to ask why not? They are awesome, fun, informative and FREE! Plus there is even a chance you could win a Prima prize just for chatting with us!- Any way, I digress.
These tools were designed by the creative genius Ingvild Bolm with comfort and ease of use in mind. The Distressing Tool is so wonderful (I speak from first hand use here) and makes easy work of sanding, distressing and vintage - ifying (yep I just made up a word) your  projects. Not to mention it has a bone folder and rub-on applicator tool on it as well. It's like 6 tools in 1- Talk about space saving!
And now we have the Comfort Craft Knife available too (due to the request of some wonderful customers - Yes Barbara I'm talking about you!) It is designed to fit comfortably in your hand - no matter which type of grip you have. And gives you effortless control for precision cutting - like an extension of your hand.

We have both of these tools in stock at Your Memories Here.
While I have your attention - you should know there is a Live with Prima Class tonight at 5:00pm PST or 8:00pm EST on Prima's UStream Channel I hope you'll join us!

We will now resume your regularly scheduled inspiration posts - Thank You!