September 1, 2011

Yummy, yummy cupcake

Ok, so this cupcake isn't for eating, but it sure can help a sweet tooth. It is a cupcake giftcard holder. Cute, right?! The wrapper is pleated Prima paper. The icing is a combo of white ribbon and white Prima flowers I sprayed with TA's Glimmer Mist to match the pattern paper. I hope to make more of these and I am sure that with practice, perfection will come. I will taking this sweet little thing with me when I meet with someone this Sat (I hope) about selling some of my crafts. Wish me luck :)
On a personal note, my oldest has started Kinder and is loving it. I have started another school year too. I am praying that it goes well for us both, but my biggest prayer is to get out of debt. I hope everyone who has gone back to school/work will have a good one.