August 6, 2011

New Designer- Nanné Harry

Hi everyone..
My name is Nanné Harry and  I am a new designer for Your Memories here and its going to be such a pleasure designing in a group of talent ladies such as these..
I just turned 40 yrs old (argh, hate the sound of that..LOL), I have a great sense of humor and say "LOL" a lot.
I am married and have three beautiful grown up children.. My daughter Amber is 22 yrs old and has a year ago moved out of the house,  then I have two boys, my eldest son Aaron just turned 18 yrs old on July 9th and my youngest son will be 17yrs old on Aug 22nd.. Where does the time go?...
I grew up in the sunny state of Florida, even though I was born in Helsinki, Finland.. After we had our kids in Florida, my hubby and I decided to give Finland a try and we love living here.. He has recentlly opened up his own business specializing in American cars and I am so proud of him for being so brave to venture out on his own in a foreign country where he doesnt even speak the language.. I on the other hand work full time as a department manager in a mom and pop style grocery store here in Espoo, where we live..

I've always enjoyed making things by hand and I discovered scrapbooking about 5 yrs ago while searching for hand made crafts online and I fell in love in an instant..  But, living in Finland, scrapbooking wasnt' anything that was really out there yet.. I couldn't find supplies here back then and started small , ordering supplies online.. So, I have a special place in my heart for online scrapbooking stores, especially ones that ship over seas.. Now, 5 yrs later, I have become a horder..LOL 
Well, thats a not so short Bio of myself..LOL    I want to thank Your Memories Here for this opportunity to design on the team and I can't wait to share some of my work with you.. Until then, you can stop by my personal blog by clicking HERE and get to know me a little better..  :)