July 5, 2011

Sweet Box

I've got a sweet box to share with ya'll today. I've had this box in mind for several months. In fact, it is inspired by an article I read title "God's Box" In the article, a lady is talking about the discovery of her late mother's box of prayers that had been labeled God's Box. She described how her mother would say prayers, big and little, write them down, and leave them with God. I really like the idea and started thinking that maybe, just maybe, it'll help me leave my problems with God instead of trying to take them back. The box is from Hobby Lobby with the products are mostly Prima. I don't think I'm am finished with it yet as I am trying to decide about putting the name of the box on there or not and about putting feet on it as well.

The first thing I did was paint both the box and lid with white gesso. After that was dry I used some multi-medium to glue down the Prima Sparkling Spring papers. Once dried I used a fan brush to edge all side with some slightly watered-down white paint so the edge of the paper wasn't so harsh and then gave a top protective coat with the same clear, matte multi-medium. The bottom was then complete (more or less) and that left the top. I really wanted to dress that up and even give it a handle. I used a knob from Tim Holtz's Curio Knobs for my handle and lots of Prima goodness for everything else.

I glued a leftover flower from a Live with Prima kit in the lower right corner and then added a sweet and sparkly Prima butterfly over it. To give it some movement I glued the butterfly on with some Helmar's Scrapdots for a angled height. In the upper left corner I first layed down some Prima bling and then layered the large white flower that came with the butterfly. Next, I took another Prima butterfly and layered it with Tattered Angles Chandelier Glitter Glam and water down pink paint. Then, I sprayed some white Prima flowers with some pink glimmer mist and then took my pink paint water and dyed them. Once dried I used Helmar's 450 Quick Dry to glue them down (as I did with the other two flowers) as well with the Prima leaves.

One of my favorite things on this box is the edge of the top. I used some Prima paper to create a box pleated ribbon effect as shown from this LWP show. Once that was done and glued down I added some Prima trim to add to the ribbon look since I wasn't in a sewing mood, lol.