July 15, 2011

Faux Embossed Mat

I promsied ya'll last week that I would show you what I had in store for my sample I created for that Faux Embossed Metal look I learned from Live with Prima. I am here to deliver that promise now. After completeing this one, I don't know which is my favorite. But I do know that both are going to work with me when school starts back up, lol. Most of the supplies you will be able to get from Your Memories Here. Also, Kristina at YMH is offering up several different types of NEW Prima Grab boxes as a pre-order. This is a great way to some NEW Prima goodies. These won't be shipped until late August to Mid September since the products aren't even coming out until the summer CHA.

I knew once I finished the sample wood metal (I had to test out the base color with the silver to see which one I liked better: white or black) that it HAD to get used as a backing for something stunning. It was just too good to throw it out, lol. I saw a really cheap wooden frame laying around (gotten, I'm sure, at Micheal's). I talked about how I created that metal embossed look here, so I think this post will be a little shorter for ya'll. Because I had this stunning, pink-ish, large flower that I just knew I wanted to use to go on top of that sample piece, I thought it might be nice if I added a slight wash in Golden's Magenta paint to the edge of the frame as well as painting the background piece. Loved how it turned out on the frame but not so much on the mat. On the mat it look REALLY pink and didn't got with the vintage feel the whole project was starting to take. Then I got the brilliant idea to give a sliver was over the magenta. Match made in heaven! I loved how it gave the mat an aged metal look without looking "dirty". I used some Helmar's 450 to glue the embossed sample wood piece on top of the magenta "tin" mat and then used that glue again to attach the beautiful Prima flower. After looking at it, I decdided it was too much "pink" and I need to soften it up some too. Out comes that amazingly stunning Prima butterfly. Love how it gave the project a touch of glam/bling withough taking away form the other details. To give depth to the butterfly, I attached it with Helmar's scrapdots. LOVE this!

look at that beautiful shine :)