May 19, 2011

 I have had to work extra days this week due to a co-worker going on vacation so my crafty time has been very limited. I altered this crate a while ago, actually I think it was one of my first kits I bought from yourmemorieshere. No wonder I got hooked huh?
 I thought I would inspire you to find something around the house, at a thrift shop, or a rummage sale to alter and make your own. It's simple...PRIMA! I used some adirondack ink to color the wood and sprayed it down really good with some dazzling diamonds and in person the wood has a very pretty sparkle to it. Then I added pretty pretty Prima flowers. I can't wait to hit the rummage sales this summer to look for things with potential. Prima potential! LOL
I hope to have something fresh and new next week!
  Go get crafty!
     KIM :)