April 23, 2011

Owl's it going?

This has been an odd week for me. No mojo on the nights I can craft in my space and mojo on the nights I can't. Nothing bad is going on, just been an odd week. The biggest downer is that I have three images colored and ready for some card. The same three images that have been colored and waiting for going on two weeks now. They are now waiting with some patterned paper and cardstock so they are closer to complition, lol. Our district ended up with a bad weather make-up day yesterday and my hubby had it off :( On the plus side, I did get to create for ya'll last night. For today's YMH project I went with a quick card using some Tattered Angles chipboard and mist (don't forget about the TA sale going on at YMH). I watered down some paint and painted it over the sponged and misted owl to give it some more personality. I really like how the little guys belly turned out too. The eyes were small half chocolate half pearls.