April 12, 2011

Banner Time with Tattered Angels!

If you have children, like me, then you can probably relate when it comes to decorating your child's room. You want everything to fit with your child(ren). If you have a girl, you would like things to be a bit girly, and if you have a boy, more masculine. You also would like to have some decorations that can be left for years to come, and just moved around. However, if they are age oriented, perhaps decorations that could be utilized in another way... maybe another room, or during a particular holiday. 

Today I have two examples of banners that I have created for my kids' rooms. One for each child. Banners are still pretty popular. I'm still seeing them all over the place, especially in embellishments and stickers. More and more manufacturers are creating stickers that are banners. Saves the time of creating them yourself! 

I like to create my own however. One of my favorite mediums to use for making banners is canvas. Canvas is all the rage right now. It is definitely showing up a lot more all over the place. There are companies out there soley dedicated to canvas products as well. 

I created these two canvases using some of the wonderful Tattered Angels products that you can find at Your Memories Here. We are having a month long celebration here because all Tattered Angels products are on sale this month in the store

I made this banner out of canvas that I removed from a stretched canvas and cut into triangles. I stamped various shapes on the canvas first and then used several colors of Glimmer Mist in blues and greens. After it dried, I embellished it and strung it up. 

This next banner I created for my daughters room. I used a canvas bag that I had but never used and cut down for the banner. 

Glimmer mists in red, orange and various pinks were used on each banner piece. When they dried, I covered each piece in Mod Podge. The letters and frames around them are Tattered Angels Regal Framed Alpha Glimmer Chips which are now only $2.99 in the store!!! Get them while you can! 

I hope you have enjoyed my banners, and I apologize for the tardiness in this post... I am working full-time now and we are starting our busy season at the hotel, since we are right by Six Flags. If you are ever in the St. Louis area and are going to Six Flags, let me know! 

Have a great day!