August 21, 2010

Bind-it-all cupcake

I really like how this card turned out as it was so out of my norm. I took two cupholders from Starbucks and covered them in paper from Your Memories Here. Once covered I sanded the edges to give them a cleaned up distressed look (weird, I know). I then punched the holes in them to bind them. I however wasn't paying attention to where I was punching and punched on the wrong side on one, so I improved the mistake by dressing it up with ribbon to make a pretty bow on the back-side. I added some red sticky tape inside each cupholder along the bottom so that a giftcard could be tucked inside to make the card a cute little gift package too. The inside will have some white c/s added so that a message can be written to the person getting the card/gift. I then punched out the happy birthday message that can be found on one side of some double-sided paper called All Kinds of Happy found at YMH and mounted it on a big white flower (after I added streaks of pink to it). I found some random chipboard number and letter to make the "to you" part of the message. I painted them with some pink and pearl paint. Binding the two pieces together came next and I used a 1/2" Owire (Bind-it-all supplies can be found at YMH) since it I was making a card and didn't and didn't need anything bigger. After I was done with all of that it started looking like a cupcake to me. With that in mind I set out to make the card a cupcake one (as a bonus it will hide the giftcard that was peeking out of the second holder). I cut some white cardstock so that it would fit inside and resemble the top of a cupcake. Then I took the same ribbon I made the bow from and thought it would make for some nice frosting. I covered the top with red sticky tape and then just laid the ribbon down while playing with it trying to ruffle it and fall into a shape I liked. This was so much fun to make and I can't wait until I find the perfect person to get this.