July 14, 2010

Tough Decisions and Easy Ones Too

Hi All! Hope you're having a lovely week. Here in Ohio we just had two days of rain (perfect for my garden) and now we're about to have another heat wave (above 90 degrees F).
So any way, enough of my rambling nonsense about the weather (though if the weather never changed, what would people talk about?)
I have been going over (and over, and over, and over) all the fabulous design team submissions. I just wanna know, Why do you all have to be so talented?! I mean really, it's already hard telling anyone that they didn't get chosen this time. Then you throw in the fact that they are so extremely talented (seriously, there isn't a crappy submission in the whole bunch) and tell me to "pick just a few" that's like saying "here is bag full of Prima flowers, but take only 4 to use on your projects for the next 6 months!".
I guess what I'm saying is THANK YOU! for being so fabulously talented, THANK YOU for wanting to design for Your Memories Here. Please know that I am struggling with this decision and if you aren't one to be chosen, it had NOTHING to do with your talent.

So that covers my "Tough Decision" part of this post. Now for an easy decision:
If you've been eyeing any of the Prima kits we have in the store, now is the time to "decide" to buy. We've got them all on sale and they are so full of Prima goodness, even if you don't make the project they were designed for you are still getting a heck of a lot of fantastic items to use however you like at a great bundled price!
Like this Altered Tin kit for example:

It comes with TWO lunchbox style tins full of Prima flowers, a set of TWELVE stamps, a whole 8"x11" sheet of Prima crystals, a sheet of chipboard stickers, a set of 3 dimensional alphabet stickers, one yard of crocheted lace and some fairytale roses. OR how about the 12"x12" Marathon kit that comes with 6 sheets of double sided cardstock, chipboard stickers, Prima crystals and this HUGE container full of flowers (over 600 in there!)