March 2, 2010

We've Been Awarded

Audrey at Cute and Some has bestowed this award on our blog :)

Thank you Audrey for the award and for always taking the time to comment on our posts.
The rules of this award are to share 7 things about yourself but since this is a collective blog of our DT, I'm going to share 7 things that I know We are ALL grateful for:
  1. Our Followers - we are here for you
  2. Comments- they really make our day
  3. Paper Crafting- this wonderful hobby has brought us all together
  4. Great Deals on products - need I say more?
  5. Paper - we all love it (especially pretty paper that we hoard instead of using)
  6. Family- they provide us with support and inspiration
  7. Friends - who are sometimes like family, except we choose them ;)

If you'd like, go ahead and grab this award for your blog too, you all deserve it. Just remember to list your 7 and link back to the person who gave it to you.