January 2, 2010

Show Us YOUR Memories

I was thinking that I wanted to add a fun feature to interact more with our followers. Then it hit me{ you're so going to say "well, duh"} The name of my store and blog is Your Memories Here, because I think everyone should share their memories instead of just storing them in a photo album. {here comes the "duh" part} Why don't I have you share YOUR memories here as a monthly contest?
Here's how it will work:
I've added a Mcklinky to the right side bar (see it over there?) and at the beginning of every month I'll announce what the theme is. You will have 2 weeks to post a link to your scrapbook project that includes that theme.
The only rule for your project is it has to be a scrapbook page/project (any size-mini album to 12"x12") and it has to be relevant to the theme.
Post your direct link (if I have to go looking for it, it won't count) I'll pick a winner and post it the following Saturday.
It gets better, the winner gets a prize! One teeny little catch - you have to be a follower to win the prize.
Sound like fun?
I'll be posting the theme and the prize you'll be playing for in a little bit.