December 3, 2009

Are you Ready For Spring?

I'm not either. But I feel I need to address an issue about the new spring mini cartridges from Cricut. Apparently there was an information leak and images about these new cartridges has been distributed. I received an "official" email from Provo Craft telling it's retailers that we are not to advertise, sell or place orders until December 17th. They won't even be shipping until the end of the month. So I will not be placing any pre-orders until December 17th, because:
A) what's the point if I can't place the order with PC until Dec 17, why hold on to your money any longer than I need to ?
B) I'm not willing to risk getting in trouble with the fine people at Provo Craft over a couple of cartridges.
and C) they are SPRING cartridges, it's still December, sure there is a "love struck" cartridge geared toward Valentine's Day but that's still in February. We've got plenty of time. However they are limited edition, so I guess December 17th is an Okay order date :)
If you have any questions about this please email me at Krissy @ yourmemorieshere . com *take out the spaces